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Genomics has reached the stage at which the amount of DNA sequence information in existing databases is quite large. Moreover, synthetic biology now is using these databases to catalog sequences according to their functionality and therefore creating standard biological parts which can be used to create large systems. What is needed now are flexible tools which not only permit access and modification to that data but also allow one to perform meaningful manipulation and use of that information in an intelligent and efficient way. These tools need to be useful to biologists working in a laboratory environment while leveraging the experience of the larger CAD community.

A Platform-Based Design (PBD) approach looks at how genetic information can be viewed as having a particular functionality and what is now needed is to assemble platforms (collections of DNA elements) to perform this functionality. This work attempts to leverage the same methodology employed by PBD for embedded electronic systems to the design of synthetic biological systems. This work places synthetic biology in a PBD framework, discusses required electronic design automation concepts in biological terms, and describes toolsets which will implement the ideas outlined here.

2008 UC Berkeley Comp. Team
Clotho Design Environment
2009 UC Berkeley Comp. Team

Introduction and Overview of Platform-Based Design

Platform-Based Design

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Software Tools and Design Environments

2008 iGEM Jamboree Best Software Tool Winner (Clotho Classic)
2009 iGEM Jamboree Best Software Tool Winner (Clotho, Eugene, Spectacles, Kepler)

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